7 Hacks Every GoNoodler Needs To Know

7 Hacks Every GoNoodler Needs to Know

Whether you are brand-new to GoNoodle or a seasoned GoNoodle brain breaker, these 7 GoNoodle hacks from Brittany (blogger and Kindergarten teacher) will make you feel like an expert!

You’ve heard all about it.  Your colleagues are singing the Dino Stomp in the teacher’s lounge, and you hear kids in the hallway excitedly talking about their class Champ.  You have finally decided to take the plunge and sign up for GoNoodle!  Prepare yourself–your classroom will never be the same! As you venture into the world of brain breaks in your classroom, here are some things you need to know to make your experience flawless…

1. Brain breaks are categorized for convenience.

It may look like fun and games, but GoNoodle features fantastic brain breaks that include a slew of resources.  From your dashboard, you will find brain breaks categorized by grade level, type (calming or energizing), subject, and length. Whatever you need can be easily found in these easily searchable tabs!

7 Hacks Every GoNoodler Needs to Know - Categories

2. You can add your own brain breaks.

Can’t find exactly what you need?  You can easily add your own brain breaks to the YouTube channel!  You will need the URL of the YouTube video you would like to add (Jack Hartmann’s “Count to 100” is a classroom favorite for us), then just click on the “Add Your Own YouTube Brain Break,” and paste it in.

7 Hacks Every GoNoodler Needs to Know - Add Your Own Brain Breaks

*NOTE: If your school blocks YouTube, GoNoodle’s YouTube videos will also be blocked. If that’s your case, you can turn the YouTube channel “off” in your account settings so your students can’t see it.


3. Let your voice be heard by voting for the next GoNoodle feature.

Did you know that you can vote for the next GoNoodle feature in the Support and Feedback section? The GoNoodle team works hard to prioritize features based on what users want!  Have a suggestion for them?  Click here to let your voice be heard, or go there anytime from the question mark button.  You can read through all of the suggestions from other users, vote for your favorites, or suggest your own ideas!

7 Hacks Every GoNoodler Needs to Know - Giving Feedback

4. Explore the GoNoodle blog.

Want to know how teachers from around to world use GoNoodle in their classrooms?  Check in with the GoNoodle blog for ideas, resources, and anything else you need to know about GoNoodle.  There are always new, free activities and downloads to tie GoNoodle into your classroom in fun and meaningful ways, and creative tips for GoNoodling classrooms. For example, here’s a guide to finding the perfect brain breaks for every part of the day!

5. Share GoNoodle with your classroom families.

Your students will love GoNoodle so much, they will be talking about it all the time.  More likely than not, the GoNoodle conversation will carry over at home.  Let your parents in on the action by encouraging families to use GoNoodle at home!  When signing up for a new account, families can select “kid” or “parent” to get the ball rolling on continuing the dance party after the school bell rings.


*This picture is beyond adorable.  While it’s not taken at home, it was taken after school in my kindergarten neighbor’s classroom.  There are nine (yes, NINE) teacher’s kids who stay after school with their parents each day.  Rather than running around like a bunch of wack-a-doodles, they choose to have their own private dance parties after homework is done!  The perks of being a teacher’s kid… 🙂

6. Purchase some awesome swag from the GoNoodle Shop.

You will be the envy of your colleagues with swag from the GoNoodle shop.  From t-shirts to stickers to lanyards, you can represent GoNoodle and spread the word about how it has changed your classroom with the world!  My fav? This “My Class is a Dance Party” t-shirt!

7 Hacks Every GoNoodler Needs to Know - The GoNoodle Shop

7. Love GoNoodle?  Consider signing up for GoNoodle Plus!

GoNoodle is totally free to its users, but did you know that you can go even deeper with an upgraded GoNoodle Plus account?!?! It’s only $10/month, and GoNoodle Plus brain breaks strengthen vocabulary, spelling, and math skills, all while keeping kids moving and engaged.  Read all about it here, and upgrade from inside your free GoNoodle account.

7 Hacks Every GoNoodler Needs to Know - GoNoodle Plus


Did you ever have an “ah-ha” moment with GoNoodle where you felt like a genius? We’d love to hear your own GoNoodle hacks!