Introducing: Brainercise with Mr. Catman!

Introducing: Brainercise with Mr. Catman

We’re excited to introduce a new series of “brainercise” breaks – workout videos for your mind! Science says doing coordinated physical tricks (like patting your head and rubbing your belly) can improve memory, attention, and critical thinking, so we’ve compiled a series of videos to help you practice.

Try Brainercise with Mr. Catman now!

Neuroscience research shows that anytime the two hemispheres of the brain have to work together, it increases the efficiency of brain function, especially in early developmental years.  Students can engage their brains in this way by doing coordinated movements that either cross the midline of the body, or use both sides of the body (known as bilateral coordinative movements).

“Crossing the midline facilitates neural activation in many parts of the brain and equally on both hemispheres.  This increase in blood flow makes it more alert and energized for learning (Dennison, Hannaford). Bilateral coordinative movement increases concentration and attention.  Bilateral coordinative exercise leads to pre-activation of the parts of the brain that are responsible for attention functions (Budde).” -Jean Blaydes Madigan, Action Based Learning.

Mr. Catman will lead your class through 1-minute Brainercise sessions that everyone can do sitting down or standing up. You may find them difficult to begin with, but the more you practice the better you’ll get!

Use Brainercise with Mr. Catman:

  • Before a test
  • At the start of a lesson
  • After a more active GoNoodle break to calm & resettle

P.S. Want to know an insider secret? Mr. Catman is the GoNoodle illustrator who designs the Champs! We wear many hats around GoNoodle HQ 😉