How GoNoodle Inspired a Health Journey

How GoNoodle Inspired a Health Journey

Shannon M., kindergarten teacher in Morristown, TN, has a different kind of GoNoodle story to tell – one where having an active classroom is just as important for her as her students. Thanks for sharing Shannon!

I’ve been an educator for over 16 years, and over the years I have used various songs with movements to help my students learn and to help get both sides of their brain working. I began using GoNoodle at the end of last year, and was immediately impressed with the quality of the activities and how engaged my students were.  I loved that there were activities to get students up and moving, calm students down for learning time, and exercises for the left and right side of the brain, all in one place.  My students asked to do the activities everyday and loved them!

However there was one part of the program that I was not happy with.  I found that I had gotten so out of shape I had a hard time keeping up with my students when they did GoNoodle.  So, I made a commitment this year to “Get My Body Moving.” I have made it a priority in my room to do every activity and dance with my students.  We all know that nothing brings a smile to a student’s face quicker than seeing their teacher dance and be silly with them!

We all feel pressure to make every second of instruction time count.  I found time in my day by using GoNoodle activities during transition time as a way to move my students from one activity to another.  Kindergarteners have a very hard time sitting still for very long, so this helps them be able to to take a break.  I have found the more active I let them be, the less behavior issues I have. Every minute we spend GoNoodling is time well spent for my students and myself.

As a result of all this active movement, I am a lot healthier, and am now down 30 pounds in part to GoNoodle! My journey isn’t over but I am very thankful to GoNoodle for helping me get on the right path.

Love it! Thanks for sharing, Shannon. We’re so encouraged and motivated by your story.

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