Weekly Spelling Words with Bodyspell


5th grade teacher, Tim V., shares a genius way to incorporate GoNoodle into his weekly spelling routine. By using Bodyspell, he was able to make what was once a chore into something everyone looks forward to! You can keep up with Tim on Twitter @mrvesco, on his website, or on #ksedchat which he helps moderate! 

My students and I love using GoNoodle!  For the past three years, GoNoodle has been my go to source for activities to get students moving and grooving in the classroom.  Students always ask to do an activity before we transition to new subject.  It gives them a brain break and helps the students be better focused for the next topic.

One of the features of GoNoodle that I particularly enjoy is a part of GoNoodle’s premium subscription, GoNoodle Plus. It gives me the ability to add my own content and questions for a more customized experience.  By being able to personalize the content, I was able to begin our weekly tradition of playing Bodyspell, a game where we use our bodies to spell out words.  At the beginning of the school year, I add the weekly spelling words from our school’s spelling program onto Bodyspell.  On Monday afternoons, the students and I play the game.  I have found this is a very effective way to introduce the new spelling words for the week.  Students say the word aloud, spell the word aloud, and move their bodies to form the letters of the word.  Bodyspell is so much fun and quite a workout for the students and myself!

What I love about playing Bodyspell is that it has made the students excited to learn spelling!  I could introduce the words in a traditional way, but that’s not fun for the students or me.  GoNoodle is such an awesome way to give our students memorable experiences that make them passionate about learning.

Looks like Bodyspell is paying off… these 5th graders put their spelling skills to good use 😉 Thanks Tim!


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