GoNoodle Plus Spotlight: Field Trip

Field Trip Spotlight

Field Trip takes your class on virtual adventures to wacky locations meant to inspire interest in STEM topics! Your students will run, jump, and dodge their way to the final destination, answering questions along the way. Field Trip is compatible with My Questions, so you can easily customize the game to include the content that is most relevant to your class.

Field Trip Destinations

When it comes to Field Trip destinations, wildly weird is the name of the game — and that’s exactly why Field Trip is so beloved! Choose your own destination, or let the game surprise you with a journey to confetti, an armpit, quicksand, a tuba, and many, many more.

Field Trips

“These aren’t your normal field trip spots. Some are gross, interesting, and unique all wrapped up in one! And let’s face it, that’s what kids love!” -Becky W., 1st grade teacher


There are two ways to play Field Trip. First, Classic Mode – there are no questions to answer as you run, jump, and duck your way through the game. The second way is with My Questions, which allows you to customize with your own question sets, served up as you race through the game.


“To maximize participation and focus, I have students stop running for a moment to really listen to the question and answer choice, and then slowly jog while discussing with their partner. Once they have come up with an answer, they jog at a faster pace so I know they are ready to share!”

Ideas for When to Play

  • Kick off a science lesson

  • Reward your class for positive behavior

  • Burn extra energy after lunch

Becky Headshot

“They love learning the facts, and I just got them to practice content in a fun and engaging way! Knowing that brain activity dramatically increases learning potential, Field Trip encompasses everything I love about GoNoodle and the positive effects it has on my students!”

Special thanks to GoNoodle Ambassador Becky Wimmer for contributing to this post! Becky teaches 1st grade in York, PA.

About GoNoodle Plus

A premium subscription to GoNoodle Plus gives classrooms access to more videos and games, many of which integrate movement into core-subject learning. Activities like Field Trip make introducing and reviewing new academic concepts a kinesthetic experience, engaging a wide-variety of learning styles. Try GoNoodle Plus with a 30-day free trial.

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