GoNoodle Plus Spotlight: Mega Math Marathon

Mega Math Marathon

It’s easy to disguise math practice as fun using Mega Math Marathon! Students will run a virtual marathon (desk-side, of course) as they practice their math facts and build fluency. This game is super simple to play. You select a grade level, category, and length of time to play – and then your students are off and running!

?”I love Mega Math Marathon! The game allows me to mix up and review math skills throughout the year. If I see a skill students are struggling with, I can pull that into our marathon for additional practice.” -Thomas M., 5th grade teacher


Mega Math Marathon contains grade-specific categories with more than 5,500 math questions! All questions were built on Common Core Standards and designed to develop mental math skills in the foundational concepts kids need most.

MMM Categories

Research on Mega Math Marathon

An independent study showed that Mega Math Marathon improved math test scores by an average of 22 points, compared to 14 points amongst students in a control group who never played the game. This 50% increase makes it clear that movement and learning are a powerful duo yielding impressive results. If you want to learn more about the study, check out this blog post!

Ideas for When to Play

  • Get the wiggles out after lunchtime

  • Kick off a math lesson

  • Standardized test prep

  • Review math facts from a lower grade level

  • Challenge students with a category from the next grade level up!


“I can also use the game to preview skills that are upcoming in my math class to gauge the amount of student understanding before the unit begins.”


Thanks to GoNoodle Ambassador Thomas McAuliff for contributing to this post! Thomas teaches 5th grade in South Carolina.

About GoNoodle Plus

A premium subscription to GoNoodle Plus gives classrooms access to more videos and games, many of which integrate movement into core-subject learning. Activities like Mega Math Marathon make introducing and reviewing new academic concepts a kinesthetic experience, engaging a wide-variety of learning styles. Try GoNoodle Plus with a 30-day free trial.

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