GoNoodle Plus Spotlight: Ultimate Champ Training


Ultimate Champ Training takes your class to a virtual gym where crazy Coach Terry leads you through exercises and questions. Choose from a list of health topics to practice, or play Ultimate Champ Training with custom questions. Laughs guaranteed, not to mention remarkable information retention!

Coach Terry

“Ultimate Champ Training is at the top of my list of favorite GoNoodle videos! It provides my students with a variety of activities while they answer questions I have created, or questions about a specific grade-level topic. I LOVE that I can customize this game!” -Marcy G., 1st grade teacher


Ultimate Champ Training’s built-in categories and questions cover a wide range of health topics from bullying to personal hygiene. Classrooms with free GoNoodle accounts can take advantage of 3 free categories, while GoNoodle Plus provide access to the full 12. Additional Plus categories include topics like sleep, cyber safety, cold & flu prevention and more.

UCT Categories

“According to my students, ‘Ultimate Champ Training lets us exercise our brains and our legs at the same time!’”


Apart from health content, you can also use Coach Terry’s infectious coaching to review any subject. Create a custom question set using My Questions, then select your set when you play. This is a great option for classes who love Ultimate Champ Training, but want to practice science, math, ELA, or any other subject.

“I love that I can customize this activity — from which questions I am going to ask my students, to how long we are up and moving!”

Ideas for When to Play

  • Introduce health concepts – great for P.E. teachers covering health

  • Morning wake-up

  • Weekly review

  • Test prep


“Now that we have been using Ultimate Champ Training for awhile, I have built up a bank of question lists. Throughout each unit that I teach, I create a set of questions. Then, when we get to the end of the unit, I already have a set of questions ready for review!”

Thanks to GoNoodle Ambassador Marcy Godesa for contributing to this post! Marcy teaches 1st grade in Beaverton, Oregon.

About GoNoodle Plus

A premium subscription to GoNoodle Plus gives classrooms access to more videos and games, many of which integrate movement into core-subject learning. Activities like Ultimate Champ Training make introducing and reviewing new academic concepts a kinesthetic experience, engaging a wide-variety of learning styles. Try GoNoodle Plus with a 30-day free trial.

Freeze It Tile

Psst… Fans of Ultimate Champ Training also love Freeze It. Students dance until it’s time to “freeze,” and then they answer a question before they resume dancing!


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