GoNoodle Plus Spotlight: Word Jam

Word Jam

Thanks to Word Jam, vocabulary practice just got way more fun! Students use their bodies to act out the definitions of built-in vocabulary words, or you can add your own lists of words and come up with your own movements for a totally customized experience.

Word Jam allows me to add my own vocabulary words to the bank so that I can individualize my students’ learning. Many of my students need the accommodation of adding a physical movement to the vocabulary definition in order to move knowledge from short term memory to long term memory.” -Dena Oneal, K-5 Reading Interventionist 

Word Jam’s built-in lists contain more than 600 vocabulary words, with an emphasis on Tier 2, or academic vocabulary words.

Built-in lists

These words, many with multiple meanings, are designated by the Common Core standards to enhance student vocabulary across disciplines and topics. The remaining Tier 3, or domain-specific vocabulary words, reinforce key vocabulary in math, science, and social studies.

You can also customize Word Jam to practice any vocab words of your choosing. Rather than following along with movements, your class makes up their own movements to match the meaning of the word on screen, either together as a group or freestyle!

Custom vocab 2

Both ways of playing provide a kinesthetic learning experience that helps students better understand new words and remember their meanings.

Ideas for When to Play

  • Introduce a new set of vocabulary words

  • Review before a quiz

  • Kick off a reading or Language Arts lesson

  • Transition into learning after lunch or recess


“Before starting a game of Word Jam, I go over new vocabulary words with my students. I tell them the word, have them repeat it, then tell them the definition. We also practice the movement for each word. Next, we Word Jam!”

Special thanks to GoNoodle Ambassador Dena Oneal for her contribution to this post! Dena is a K-5 Reading Interventionist in Tennessee, working with students who receive Tier 3 RTI services.

About GoNoodle Plus
A premium subscription to GoNoodle Plus gives classrooms access to more videos and games, many of which integrate movement into core-subject learning. Activities like Word Jam make introducing and reviewing new academic concepts a kinesthetic experience, engaging a wide-variety of learning styles. Try GoNoodle Plus with a 30-day free trial.


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