5 Tips for Getting Started

5 Tips for Getting Started

Shelby C. here, 1st grade teacher, GoNoodle ambassador, and blogger at Wiggling Scholars. I’m here to help those of you who are brand new to GoNoodle and not sure where to start!

1. Join in and participate with your class. Set the tone for your students and lead by example! If you’re excited about GoNoodle, they’ll be excited, too.

2. Use GoNoodle during subject transitions. Find a time in your day when your transitions are challenging or your whole class is wiggling all over. Use that time to try a calming activity, like Airtime!


3. Get Moving with a Buddy Class. Inviting another classroom over for an afternoon dance party is always a good idea! It’s also a great way to spread the word about GoNoodle to other teachers at your school. I recommend Secret Handshakes.

4. Create a GoNoodle Zone in your classroom. I create GoNoodle “spots” around my classroom using smiley face cutouts. Use clear contact paper to stick them to the floor!

GoNoodle Zone

5. Practice counting down with a 10-frame. GoNoodle Champs transform after every 10 activities you play. Create a countdown using 10 pieces of paper and 10 champ stickers. Flip them over as you GoNoodle and have your students practice counting ‘how many more’ you have to go!

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