Collaborating on GoNoodle Question Sets

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“As an avid GoNoodler, can I just say that I am amazed at the amount of content available in GoNoodle Plus? My plan for the new year is to intentionally incorporate more GoNoodle Plus activities into my routine by collaborating with my teaching team. After giving my dancing shoes some time off this summer, I’m ready to get my GoNoodle on!” – Daliene, GoNoodle Ambassador, Second Grade Teacher and Team Leader  

About ‘My Questions’

GoNoodle Plus gives teachers the ability to create custom question sets that can be reviewed with select GoNoodle Plus games. It’s all the fun of GoNoodle, plus the fluency that results from movement + review, plus ultimate customization.

When identifying my goals for the school year, I knew I wanted to create at least one Question Set per week. Using my own content with GoNoodle Plus games like Freeze It, Ultimate Champ Training, Montana James and the Palace of Peril, Think On Your Feet, and Field Trip would encourage an incredible amount of movement and assessment in a low risk environment.

But with an ever growing and changing to-do list at work, I feared this goal could get lost in the shuffle. How could I be sure I was making the most of this amazing tool?

Collaboration is Key!  

An efficient way to ensure I was meeting this goal was to encourage my team to create question sets together! Every week, my team meets to collaborate, and part of that planning process now includes brainstorming new Question Sets that we can share as a team. Here’s our process:

  1. Identify concepts that need to be reviewed before an upcoming assessment. The beauty of sharing Question Sets is that you can use them with a variety of games. For example, while Field Trip is my personal favorite, some teammates prefer Montana James or Think On Your Feet. Once a ‘My Questions’ set is created, it’s up to each teacher for how you utilize it for review.
  1. Address content vocabulary terms that need to be included. Working with new vocabulary in a variety of ways is so important for students, and this provides one more opportunity to make it stick!  
  1. Divide and Conquer. We work with partners to add 3 questions per subject to a shared Google Doc. This way, we can see what everyone else’s questions are to prevent duplicates, and all of our ideas make it into each Question Set.
  1. Create and Share. I take our shared Google Doc, and use it to create a Question Set. Then, sharing the set is as simple as copy and pasting the link, and emailing it to my team.

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When my fellow teachers open the link, they are asked if they want to import the Question Set into their accounts.

Of course, there are dozens of other ways to collaborate to create Question Sets, like dividing them up by subject. I’d love to hear any ways that have worked for you!

P.S. Did you know you can submit your questions to the ‘My Questions’ Bank? Upload yours, or grab a fellow GoNoodler’s set to try out!

Not sure what GoNoodle Plus is? Here’s more information!

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