6 Ways to use GoNoodle to meet Curriculum Outcomes

unspecified-1“Educators constantly feel the pressure to cover extensive curriculum areas within a limited amount of time during the day. In order to maximize my time, engage my students and keep them active, I use GoNoodle during everyday learning.  Here are six ways that I use GoNoodle to achieve my curriculum outcomes.” – Kelly R., GoNoodle Ambassador

  1. Design a bow tie for Blazer Fresh

Use the classy boys from Blazer Fresh as the subjects of your next Arts or Design and Technologies task! Have students collaboratively brainstorm with peers on different patterns or designs they could use to decorate bow ties for their next video. This gives students a chance to develop their social skills in communication and idea generation. Taking these ideas, students can then work through the process to design, evaluate, critique and redesign their embellished bow tie design. This package contains all you need and provides a worksheet for students to review what they like and what they want to improve with each draft of their design. Before you know it they will be clapping out the syllables for their learning. “Class-es de-sign craz-y bow-ties!”

  1. Write about a Go Noodle Champ

Have students pick their favorite GoNoodle Champ and write a story with that Champ as the main character. Can you imagine reading a narrative about McPufferson taking on a deadly collapsing house to “Raise the Roof” and save Tangy Bodangy from impending sadness?!? How fun for them! You can also have students use the Champ images to develop a list of adjectives to help describe the champ. Challenge students to incorporate the name or theme of their favorite GoNoodle video into their story. Your writing task could also be transferred to other text genres as well. Here are some ideas:

  • Write about your favorite GoNoodle video or Champ!
  • Write a list of GoNoodle Champs and their characteristics!
  • Write a description about a GoNoodle Champ’s bedroom and what you would find there!
  • OR even, write a script for your own Think About It meditation to empower other students!
  1. Skip Counting Koo Koo Kanga Roo Style

Get your students up and moving to Koo Koo Kanga Roo’s Skip Counting video, it’s a go to Math warm-up for me! I recommend having your students make up their own skip counting patterns to the tune! You can have them investigate skip counting by 3’s, 7’s or even 9’s. For the more advanced students – start their skip counting at a random number, have them count backwards or even count by 25s. They’ll be pros in no time!

  1. Create Postcards for Airtime World

Airtime can be a great calming video in the morning or after a break, but have you ever thought about using it before your next Geography lesson?!?! If you are learning about a state, another country, or even a global exploration you can have students investigate, explore and find crazy facts to write their own postcards as Phil Mulligins! Imagine a Geography lesson on Australia after a student has written a postcard from Coober Pedy, South Australia saying, “People in Coober Pedy live underground in ‘dugouts’ to avoid the heat because in summer the temperature can get to 52 degrees Celsius, (that’s over 125 degrees Fahrenheit).”  

  1. Create a Science! Science! Science! Song

Awesome Sauce covers science with Bones! Bones! Bones!, helping students learn the names of bones in the human body. But why stop there? Have your students create their own sing-alongs to learn the names of the body’s organs or states of matter. Or how about the stages of the water cycle or the order of the planets in space?

“The planets in our solar system go round,

round and round the Sun they go,

the closer they are to the flaming ball of gas the warmer it is by far.

Mercury, Venus, then planet Earth,

Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn spin around,

Into the depths of Solar System the colder it gets,

Uranus and Neptune are distant blue twins,

That is where the space journey really begins.

the planets in our solar systems go round and round”

  1. Create a Champ Chart!

Is it time to pick your next GoNoodle Champ, but it’s also time for a Math lesson?!? Have students survey of their peers to select who the next champ will be. Students can tally results and plot them on a chart or graph to see who the most popular champ is before the ultimate winner is chosen!

There are so many ways to elevate GoNoodle beyond movement breaks and use the videos as learning tools!

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