Integrating Movement with Core-subject Learning


True: GoNoodle is a perfect site for movement breaks in the classroom.

False: GoNoodle can ONLY be used for breaks from learning.

GoNoodle has been creating fantastic movement videos since its launch. But, did you know that GoNoodle offers videos that are more than just plain fun? Soon you’ll wonder how you missed the instructional opportunities that transform learning into an energizing, active, memorable experience!

  1. GoNoodle and Language Arts

Did you know that tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur? Your students will learn this and more with GoNoodle’s newest band—BlazerFresh. My students have adored every single second with BlazerFresh.  The GoNoodle channel is full of songs and sweet dance moves that teach about students how to read with expression and how to identify syllables. What teacher doesn’t want to hear their children reminding each other, “Don’t Read Like a Robot”?

Blazer Fresh is available to all teachers for free, but if you have GoNoodle Plus, you can cover ELA in a multitude of ways.

Create your own questions based on the reading content that you’re covering in class? Check.

Vocabulary? Check.

Comprehension questions? Check.

Site words? Check, check.

The possibilities are endless, and with so many different game options, your children will be begging you to play. It’s a win-win. They burn off some extra energy and you give them an excellent review session.

Are you trying to jazz up your writing time? Have your students write to their GoNoodle champs or create their own songs that they would put on a GoNoodle channel. They can even video themselves singing and dancing along to their songs. Perhaps you need to work on persuasive writing? Have your student write about which GoNoodle video or game the class should pick next and why. Pick the student that was most persuasive, and boogey to their choice as a class.

  1. GoNoodle and Math

When you pick a new GoNoodle Champ, you earn points for each activity you complete. That first use gives you a 1 out of 10. How many more levels will it take for us to get to level 10? If Plunky Robinson grows 3 times and each growth takes 10 levels, how many more levels will it take for him to be fully grown? Students will be using math before you even realize it!

If you’re looking for more than a quick addition lesson, GoNoodle Plus offers grade-specific activities for math practice. Students can do simple addition facts, fractions, multiplication, and so much more. My students enjoy responding to math facts and getting some exercise at the same time!

  1. GoNoodle and ______.

Math and reading are fantastic, but there’s videos for more specific topics as well! What do you call an animal that has a backbone? Can you tell me something about voting? Get creative with how your incorporate movement into your lessons using the search feature inside GoNoodle. Before you know it, you’ll have fun movement videos to support a variety of subjects!

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