Lengthening Attention Span


“Do you ever get the feeling your students are not paying attention?  I do! School days demand a lot from little ones, especially since research shows that students can fully focus 1 minute, per 1 year of age! So a 5-6 year old Kindergartener can fully focus for 5-6 minutes! Since it’s natural for students to loose focus here’s how I use GoNoodle to help lengthen their attention span!” – Betty C., GoNoodle Ambassador 

When students struggle to start the day….

On days when my classroom struggles to start learning I play the video, “This or That”.  This video is great because students love that it lets them have the option to choose which activity they are going to focus on! It’s also great because it encourages students to start making their own choices and think independently.  Once we have chosen which dance move we want to do I bring it into their work by singing, “you can do this… or you can do that!” while bobbing my head!  They typically start singing along and get to work immediately after choosing their activity!

When students need extra encouragement to focus…

Sometimes even after students choose a movement it’s still hard to get them focused for a longer period of time.  That’s where I bring out the “Zap it, zap it, make it happen!”  “Zap It” is also great for having students help encourage each other.  I often hear them asking each other to help by zapping them.  It’s the simple things sometimes!

Mr. Catman is just the bee’s knees for my Kinders who love to pretend they are cats and dogs during some free choice time!  I love to use his videos to build hand eye coordination and motor skills, including writing!  Crossing the midline is helpful with videos such as “Super Crazy Eights”.  Plus “Pat and Rub” is just fun to watch and see how many students actually can accomplish this one!

When students can’t focus during reading time…

Reading to ourselves is sometimes the biggest struggle of the day. In order to combat this, I always play, “Don’t Read Like A Robot!”   During reading time, students practice reading on their own before reading with a partner. To themselves, they practice reading like a robot then conversely practice again by reading with expression!  This helps us build fluency and expression at the beginning stages of reading! When they then meet up to partner read, I can always hear reminders of, “Don’t Read Like a Robot”!

When students deserves a celebration for focusing…

When students do focus on their activities for a decent amount of time and get their work done… we celebrate!  “Cat Party” and “Kitty High Five” all around!  When we work extra hard we make time to practice our “Ninja Training”!

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