3 Best Channels for Inclusion Classrooms


Every student is a member of our GoNoodle team! We all have our differences, but things that hinder us individually are never seen. Here are some tips and specific video examples on how I use GoNoodle daily in my inclusion setting.” – Shemaiah, GoNoodle Ambassador 

1. Flow!

One of the greatest things I learned this past year is how simple breathing exercises can change everything! We all have a student, or students, that can easily be angered, frustrated, or even just unfocused. In the past, I would do the simple breathe and count to 10 technique, or take 5 deep breaths. But now, my new way is telling my kids, “It’s time to Flow.” I absolutely LOVE this channel and all that it brings. We love to watch the Swirling to focus on breathing. The narration that goes with the video has been great and allows me to participate with my students. We all know that teachers need to breathe too!

2. GoNoodle Plus! 

This channel, specifically Body Spell, has been a lifesaver for my students who need movement, or just need assistance with mobility in the classroom. Every week I am able to input my spelling words for each level, and we use our bodies to spell them out. Most of the moves are simply done with using your hands, but there are a few that make you use your balance. It’s a great exercise for your brain as well because how to move from one letter to the next can be tricky. Our visiting physical therapist got to see my students in action, and she loved how it got them moving, especially my friend who needs the extra work with movement and muscle control.

3. Think About it! 

Mindset videos provided on the Think About It channel are by far my favorite. Don’t get me wrong, I love to dance with Koo Koo and clap it out with Blazer Fresh, but my dynamic is just a little different this year. As teachers, we adjust. I have found that having my students watch, individually or as a class, a video on being grateful, forgiveness, and choosing wisely has been way more effective than me standing up and giving a talk. I have never liked pulling a kid to the side or in the hall to tell them about making wise decisions while everyone watches… this channel has allowed me to take the embarrassment piece out. The students never know if I am playing a video for the whole class for a reason or if I am playing it just for them.

It’s easy for us to see the dynamic of our class. How we decide to work with that and use GoNoodle to help educate and free our students is up to us. GoNoodle has been such a help to me that I can’t imagine not ever having it at my fingertips. It’s there to help… embrace what it can do for you.

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