Out Of The Box Ways To Share GoNoodle!

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“What do you do once you have successfully convinced your colleagues that GoNoodle is a great community builder, energy builder, energy calmer, focus enhancer, as well as mindfulness magic?!? Sometimes, even after fellow teachers have signed up, gotten their own account and played a few videos they still need a little help on how to make the most of the GoNoodle vault! Here are three ways I go about helping my colleagues experience everything GoNoodle has to offer!” – Heather G., GoNoodle Ambassador 

  1. Visit their classroom!

Typically, my colleagues have been into my classroom to see GoNoodle in action with my students. My students are the best advertisement for GoNoodle. BUT, after they sign up, I like to go to their classroom with their students. Once they see their own pride and joy enjoying GoNoodle so much they are more likely to try it on their own.

  1. Give them a recommendation list! 

Obviously, there are just too many favorite videos for me to name. If I know a little about the colleague, their particular group of kids, what they teach, or what their goals are, I can tailor the suggestion list to them.

  1. Check back in with them!  

I make sure to check back with them soon. If needed, I offer to go back into their classroom, or encourage their class to come visit my class and do an activity or two, (or three!) with my students.  

Remember, the more the merrier with GoNoodle!

I spread the word about GoNoodle everywhere I can. I use the classroom decorations as a theme. Many of my students do GoNoodle at home because of the links. I also share with fellow teachers and administration. They frequently ask me about new favorites and for suggestions. Keep on sharing the great GoNoodle information you have.

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