4 Fun Motivation Ideas


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“I love using GoNoodle to motivate my student’s behavior, keep them focused, and create a positive classroom environment. Here are four fun ways to motivate your students to do their best!” – Iris R., GoNoodle Ambassador

1. GoNoodle Coupons
How do you decide which videos to dance to during your GoNoodle sessions? With GoNoodle coupons you can take the guess work out of having to choose! Approach a student doing a desired behavior and hand them a GoNoodle coupon. Simply start with “I noticed…” Then, watch as all your other students in your class follow the modeled desired behavior. When it’s time for a GoNoodle session your student can then turn in their coupon for a song of their choice. Try to give at least 1-2 coupons a day.

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2. Champ of the Day
Do you have a student who goes above and beyond with school work, turning in homework, or moves along to every GoNoodle song? Recognize their awesome sauce behavior by assigning them the GoNoodle champ of the day. All you need is a GoNoodle lanyard to designate them as “Champ of the Day.” With that, they are now your teacher assistant and can help you do classroom jobs. It’s a win-win! They get the satisfaction of being the “Champ of the Day,” and you get an office runner, paper passer and line monitor for the day! This is our personal class favorite since I let the teacher assistant also wear big, nerdy Blazer Fresh glasses!

3. Dance Party with another class
If you have a classroom reward system- such as a 100 star chart, a marble jar, or where you work to earn a prize together, why not have a GoNoodle reward?!?! Invite a class to GoNoodle with you! It doesn’t get any better than 40 kids dancing together in one classroom! This can also be a great celebration for when your class is halfway to their goal. It’s an instant party and a great way to build relationship with friends who share your love for GoNoodle!

4. GoNoodle Brag Tags
Do you want your students to participate in GoNNoodle, but you have some reluctant dancers? Try GoNoodle Brag Tags! I started by giving everyone a GoNoodle brag tag for leveling up their first Champ, MC Wigglewomp. I mentioned how much I loved that everyone tried their best to get up and move! After that I had 100% participation knowing they’d get a brag tag when we worked together to level up Bart Reynolds. Brag tags also work for academics! Readers in my classroom have a personal accelerated reader goal! We’ve made goals for each grading period to get at least 10 AR points to earn a GoNoodle AR brag tag. This encourages kids in a fun way to keep reading!

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