4 Classroom Management Ideas


“The benefits of using GoNoodle are endless for both teachers and students. Here are four ways how I use GoNoodle to manage my classroom through transitions, prep time and student motivation!” – Stefanie G., GoNoodle Ambassador

1. Transitions that Energize!
I find it best to have regular times for GoNoodle in my classroom, specifically as transitions. This is not to say that we’re not spontaneous occasionally, but we do try and include a GoNoodle break between each learning session, which at my school is every 50 minutes. During this time, we’ll stop, get up, and throw a Dance Party, stretch with Maximo, or sing-along with Moose Fabio.  These transitions not only break up our day, but refresh our minds and bodies for the learning to come.

2. Transitions that Calm!

We also use many of the calming activities as transitions, specifically after lunch. We have a routine where we come inside, sit down and mark the afternoon roll, then choose Airtime or one of the options in the Flow Channel to just take a moment and center ourselves before we get into our afternoon activities.

3. Prep Time!
Most of the time I join in with my students, but there are times when I need to set-up for our next task. GoNoodle saves the day because it distracts my students long enough for me to put out materials and anything else I need to get organized for our next activity. Sometimes all we need as teachers is 3 minutes to just get things done and GoNoodle is the perfect way to make sure students are engaged, focused and moving during those times!

4. Motivation!
We use positive rewards in our classroom, and students spend the week collecting points that they can trade in for classroom coupons on a Friday. Each year students are encouraged to give suggestions for coupons they would like and this year there were overwhelming requests for a GoNoodle coupon. When students select the GoNoodle coupon, they are in charge of our GoNoodle sessions for the day, and they get to pick their favorite options for their class to use. This gives students even more ownership over our class GoNoodle account and offers another option of choice!

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