Releasing Energy and Relieving Anxiety with GoNoodle


“Last year, I had a difficult time keeping my students focused on their work. No matter how hard I tried they would wiggle, fidget and get distracted 15 minutes into a lesson. It was a constant battle because their attention was elsewhere and not on school. Once I discovered GoNoodle, I was able to combat their energy and release their stress and anxiety! ” – Cicely D., GoNoodle Ambassador 

Releasing Energy:

Relieve Stress and Anxiety:

Some of our students experience stress at different times in the day. Whether it’s a disagreement between friends at recess or they started the day off wrong because they missed the bus or woke up late…stress is commonplace in classrooms.  I have found a few favorite videos to help ease stress and anxiety:

  • Hug It Out with Maximo is great for relieving stress and stretching (Maximo is my spirit animal by the way)!
  • Belly Breathe is great for self-regulation and self-control!
  • Relieve Anxiety from Empower Tools is excellent for helping kids combat stress!

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