12 Ways to Master Mindfulness


In a world as technologically driven as ours, the concept of “Mindfulness,” or a focused attention on the present moment, seems to be gaining more and more attention. With all the noise and distractions around us, paired with the latest and greatest gadgets, it’s easy to become unaware and just go through the motions… especially for adolescents. In fact, on a recent trip to the supermarket I saw half a dozen children passively consumed by their electronic devices. They sat in their parent’s shopping carts with blank expressions, no movement, and it was so discouraging to see. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge advocate for technology, but prefer that technology that encourages participation. Fortunately, GoNoodle exists!

While many users know GoNoodle for their vault of endless movement activities, did you know they have so much content to help practice mindfulness? And believe it or not, incorporating mindfulness into your day is relatively easy, both at school and at home!

When it comes to implementing Mindfulness, one of the first things families and educators need to do is to let children feel their emotions. Simple enough right?

Let me give you a scenario… you’re at the park and your kid falls—his knee is scraped, but it’s not bleeding. He runs to you and the first thing you say is, “Stop crying. YOU ARE FINE.” Your kid wasn’t fine though; he was sad because his knee hurt. Of course he could’ve also been upset his pants got dirty or any other feeling. It’s important for us to recognize that just like another adult can’t tell us how we are feeling, we can’t do that to our children. We need to let them know they have feelings and then introduce ways for them to deal with these different emotions. Self-regulation and mindfulness go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Thankfully, GoNoodle has helped several children, including my son, regulate his feelings and practice mindfulness. Here are some recommendations to help you get started on your way to mastering mindfulness:

Flow: This channel is full of calming videos. The meditation and breathing ones help my students relax and practice mindfulness.

  1. From Mindless to Mindful 
  2. Melting 
  3. Rainbow Breath

Empower Tools: This channel is great for self-regulation and helping with anxiety.

  1. Live In The Moment
  2. Relieve Anxiety
  3. Tune In To Your World 

Think About It: This channel has 26 different activities that help children set positive intentions.

  1. Take On The Day 
  2. Find Peace 
  3. Let It Go 

Maximo: This channel incorporates Yoga which helps kids stretch, calm their bodies and calm their minds.

  1. Willow 
  2. Hug It Out
  3. The Mantis 

Sharron Hylton is a preschool teacher and mindfulness guru. 

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