200+ GoNoodle Lesson Hooks

Game-TilesLots of teachers use GoNoodle at the end of a lesson… But what if you used the engaging power of GoNoodle to begin your lesson? Enter GoNoodle Lesson Hooks! Use this comprehensive list to find a GoNoodle video that fits the theme of your lesson.


5 W’s: What Where When
Alliteration: Wishy Washy Washer Woman
Alphabet: Alpha Groove*
Article Writing/Reading: In the News
Contractions: Contraction Connoisseur*
Grammar: Montana James and the Palace of Peril*
How-to Writing: How to Whip*
Interviewing Skills: Hello Joe
Letter Recognition: Alpha Groove*
Letter Sounds: Alpha Groove*
Letters, specifically LMNOP: LMNOP
Newspaper: In the News
Nonfiction Features: In the News
Nursery Rhymes: Hum De Dum*
Passion Writing Topics: I Love U
Prefixes/Suffixes: Wizard of Words
Punctuation: Montana James and the Palace of Peril*
Reading Fluency: Don’t Read Like a Robot
Rhyming: Sneak Peak
Spelling: Bodyspell*
Syllables: Clap It Out
Synonyms, Revising Writing: Word Off*

Vocabulary: Word Jam*


100: Count to 100
100th Day of School:

Basic Skills Practice:

Distance, Measurement, Comparing Numbers:

Leap Year Math: Leap Year
Lines and Angles: Lines and Angles*
Money: Getcha Money Right

Rounding: Round It Up! Round it Down!*

Skip Counting

Skip Counting by 5s

Timeline Math: Quantum Zapp*



Animals (vertebrate/invertebrate): Yo! They Got a Backbone!
Dinosaurs: Dinosaur Stomp
Electricity: Electric Slide
Experiments: Think Like a Scientist
Fruits and Vegetables: Purple Stew
Healthy Eating: Lunch
Healthy Habits: Ultimate Champ Training*
Helping the Environment: Take Care of the Earth
Human Body: Bones! Bones Bones!
Human Body (Muscles): Flex
Human Body (Brain):

Human Body (Heart): My Racing Heart
Human Body (Lungs): Take a Breath
Human Body (Respiratory System): Take a Breath
Human Body (Skeleton): Bones! Bones Bones!
Inventions and Inventors: Quantum Zapp*
Physics of Roller Coasters: Roller Coaster

Science Intro: Think Like a Scientist
Science of Everyday Objects: Field Trip*
Scientists: Think Like a Scientist
Simple Machines: Slo-Mo Machine
Sleep: Rest Well
Space/Solar System:

Water (Ocean): Surfer Dude
Water (The Water Cycle): Water Cycle


Accomplishments: Victory Dance
Bullying: Awesome Upstander


Energy: Up and Moving

Friendship and Kindness:

Growth Mindset: When Pigs Fly

Recognizing and Understanding Feelings

Stress Reduction:


Test Taking


Democracy: Vote!
Elections: Vote!

Map Skills:

Past, Present, Future: Quantum Zapp*
Timelines: Quantum Zapp*
U.S. Geography:

Voting: Vote!
World geography:


Colors: Chico Arco Iris



Winter Holidays:

Earth Day:


100th Day of School:

General: Celebrate

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