Introducing Quantum Zapp for GoNoodle Plus!

As a new school year starts in the U.S., we’re proud to announce of the first new additions to GoNoodle Plus—an all-new interactive learning game called Quantum Zapp. We think your classroom is going to love Quantum Zapp’s combination… Read Story

5 GoNoodle Videos Perfect for Math Practice

Dreaded math practice… is it a source of stress, anxiety and frustration for some of your students? Replace some of the fear with a few fun, active ways to mix up fluency practice and apply math concepts to real-world scenarios.… Read Story
Body spell

Three Ways Bodyspell Will Up Your Spelling Game

Spelling. While there are varying opinions on which way is the best to teach it, we can all agree that teaching our students to spell is crucial! Whether you use a phonics based program, a list from your curriculum, differentiated… Read Story
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Dance Party as a Morning Starter

Have you checked out GoNoodle’s newest feature Dance Party? It’s an amazing new way to GoNoodle where students create and connect their GoNoodle accounts at home, personalize their own Champs, then see them come to life at school when a… Read Story
BeFunky Collage (1)

Tips for getting kids connected with Dance Party!

Dance Party is way more fun with connected Champs! Kids love seeing their creations on the big screen, and are more motivated to dance along when they feel invested. But getting kids and families to take action has its challenges.… Read Story

Community Building with GoNoodle: Part Two

“The start of the school year brings a new group of students and a classroom community to build. The time spent focusing on building a strong one will result in a joyful and more productive school year both academically and… Read Story