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Helping Kids Deal With Stress + Anxiety

Stress is all around us. As adults, we usually know what it feels like and how to cope, but children are also constantly inundated with stressful demands and stimuli, often without the same knowledge and skills adults have. Some stress… Read Story
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6 Tricks for Fighting Cabin Fever This Winter!  

Does cold or rainy weather have you and your family trapped inside? Has captivity set in? Are the board games and blocks just not cutting it anymore? Do your kids have excessive energy from lack of exercise? Don’t fear Cabin… Read Story

A Real-Life GoNoodle Champ

“I am a special education teacher in Southern California and a proud GoNoodle Ambassador. I work in an area that has high mobility and poverty, and I often hear from my students that they don’t want to go home at… Read Story

Our GoNoodle Routine at Home

“During the work week, before and after dinner can be quite the ordeal. You have just gotten home from work and school, and the kids want to do everything from create a full play-doh sculpture to chase each other around… Read Story

3 Reasons to Use GoNoodle at Home

“As a 4th grade teacher with 18 years of elementary teaching experience – and as a mom of 2 kiddos, Cullen, age 10 and Chelsea, age 6 – using GoNoodle at home can be a game changer. It certainly has… Read Story

GoNoodle at Home for the Holidays

Releasing all that pent up energy can be a major challenge during winter break, and as a mom of two young boys, I can totally relate! My boys are what lots of people like to call “busy.” Now, I know… Read Story

GoNoodle for Apple TV

We’re excited to announce a whole new way to experience GoNoodle at home — in your living room, on the big screen, with our new Apple TV app! In September 2015, Apple announced the new version of their Apple… Read Story