Help Students Manage Energy & Emotions with Mindfulness

We all know the impact of GoNoodle’s movement videos, but did you know that GoNoodle’s mindfulness videos are just as beneficial for helping students succeed throughout the school day? Through breathing, stretching, and meditative exercises, mindfulness aims to help students… Read Story
Back-to-School Sweepstakes

Back-to-School Sweepstakes

Back-to-school is the best time of year to start fresh with new habits, routines, and resources. As a GoNoodler, you’ve seen firsthand the impact movement and mindfulness can make in the classroom.  Now, we need your help to spread the… Read Story

3 Ways to Foster Classroom Community

Dr. Becky Bailey, expert in developmental psychology says, “All learning begins with connection.” Perhaps there’s nothing more important in the first days and weeks of a new school year than helping students feel connected to you and each other. This… Read Story
GoNoodle Days of the Week

DOWNLOAD: GoNoodle Days of the Week!

Use this free download to involve your students in the GoNoodle Everyday videos!  GoNoodle Everyday offers a daily recommended video on the discover page with themed days – Mega NEW Monday, Tranquil Tuesday, Wise Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and Fab Friday. … Read Story
Mega New Monday - We Are Blazer Fresh

Introducing GoNoodle Everyday

The benefits of integrating movement and mindfulness into the school day are endless: improve academic performance, focus, and retention, reduce behavioral issues in the classroom, build classroom community, and so much more. But making time for movement, figuring out… Read Story

How to Introduce a New Class to GoNoodle

Like any aspect of your classroom, GoNoodle works best when everyone knows what’s expected. And like any other aspect of learning, understanding why you GoNoodle is part of its success. Yes, GoNoodle is fun! Yes, it’s an opportunity to be… Read Story
GoNoodle Expectations Poster

DOWNLOAD: How to be a GoNoodle CHAMP!

(DOWNLOAD NOW) You and your students love GoNoodle, but have you thought about how to introduce clear expectations for GoNoodle behavior in the classroom?  There will be days when your students are louder than you want them to be, someone’s… Read Story

Your Back-to-School Checklist!

Welcome back, GoNoodlers! As you setup your classrooms, organize your books, dust off your work computer, and gather school supplies, don’t forget about your GoNoodle account. Walking through this simple checklist will ensure you’re ready to stretch, breathe, and dance… Read Story
Research Round-up!

RESEARCH: Why Classrooms Need Movement Everyday

A fun activity to spice up the afternoon or a research-backed way to boost test scores? Simple way to get the wiggles our or a genius solution scientifically proven to help kids focus? Answer: GoNoodle is all of the above.… Read Story
Stretch + Breathe: 5 Ways to Reinvigorate Students

Stretch + Breathe: 5 Ways to Reinvigorate Students

The benefits of being active before, during, and after learning are well-known. “Movement fuels learning!” “Activate the body, activate the brain!” But being active doesn’t always mean raising the heart rate. We can activate our bodies by stretching them, by… Read Story