6 Hacks for Faster and Easier Access to GoNoodle

6 Hacks for Faster and Easier Access to GoNoodle

GoNoodle now supports “deep links” – meaning you can jump directly to any page inside GoNoodle (specific brain breaks, channels, etc.) without have to click and navigate through. This update sets the stage for some awesome updates we have coming in 2015, but it also enables some handy hacks for making GoNoodle easier to access…

  1. Stay Logged In!

When your browser is set up to support it (and you don’t log out), you can stay logged in to GoNoodle for 30 days at a time. When you click on a link for GoNoodle.com, you’ll go directly into your account and into the last class you were using – no log in necessary. Note if you use multiple classes, you’ll need to make sure you’re in the right one before you play.

  1. Bookmark Brain Breaks for One-Click Access

Found the perfect brain break for a perfect time of day? Now you can bookmark specific brain breaks for easier one-click access. Use your browser’s bookmark feature to save the play page of brain break you want to get to access quickly (or keep several favorites in a special GoNoodle folder).

  1. Enter GoNoodle Through Your Favorites Page

Teachers love the Favorites feature in GoNoodle to build their own “curated” list of brain breaks. This way, you can limit what your students see to the brain breaks you feel are appropriate for your class. Just bookmark your Favorites page (as outlined in #2), and use that as your entry point into GoNoodle!

  1. Send Brain Breaks to Fellow Teachers

Previously, sharing a specific brain break was difficult because you couldn’t email (or text, tweet, etc.) the direct web address. But now you can copy the URL from any page inside GoNoodle to share, including GoNoodle channels and specific brain breaks. Someone at your school hasn’t tried “Kitty High Five” yet? That’s crazy! Send that URL in an email and get everyone high fiving.

  1. Remind Yourself to GoNoodle with Calendar Events

If you’re like us, you use a calendars like Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook to plan every moment of your day…

Take advantage of the new linking capabilities to remind yourself to GoNoodle! Simply copy the web address of any page you want to access in GoNoodle – a specific brain break, a particular channel (e.g., Zumba), or a particular tag (e.g., #calming) – and paste that address into a calendar event!  Now you’re prompted to play at particular times with one-click access to the pages you want.

  1. Pin, Organize, and Share Your Favorite Brain Breaks!

Do you use Pinterest (or similar sites like Blendspace and Delicious) to organize, bookmark and share the things you love? The new linking capabilities of GoNoodle can help here too! Pin an image from any page inside GoNoodle for easy access sharing with friends and fellow-teachers. Note that if a friend isn’t logged in (or doesn’t have an account), they will have to do so before they can see your link.

If you discover any other pro hacks, share them in the comments below!


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