9 Ways to Use My Questions

9 Ways to Use My Questions

There are hundreds of ways to use My Questions and make the feature your own, but to get you started, here are 9 handy ways. Remember, you can use My Questions with any subject, any content, any way you want!

Missed the memo on My Questions? It allows you to add your own content to GoNoodle Plus games! Learn more here.

  1. Test Prep – Make testing season awesome by incorporating your custom questions into games your students love.

  2. End-of-Week Review – Reinforce the content you covered all week with a review your students will always look forward to! You can even mix up subjects to keep students on their toes.

  3. Monday Refresh – Kick off the week with that same end-of-week review. Trigger memories of what students learned last week so you can build on it!

  4. Special Subjects – Music, art, technology teachers and subject specialists can use My Questions to tailor the games for their harder-to-find subject content.

  5. Memory Math – Practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and other math facts to increase math fluency in your classroom!

  6. ESL/ELL Practice – Sight words, translation, and grammar practice are perfect ways to use My Questions with ELL students.

  7. Student-Generated Review – Task students to write their own questions on a specific subject, then create a question set with their submissions for review. Great way to make application of concepts exciting!

  8. Build Class Community – Create sets of questions all about you, your students, and your classroom. This is a great way to go over classroom rules and procedures at the beginning of the year, or later in the year when your students need a reminder.

  9. Just for fun – Create silly jokes just to make kids laugh and feel welcome!

What other ways could you use My Questions? We’d love to hear!

P.S. 4 Question Format Hacks, helpful to create true/false questions, sight words, and more!

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