New at GoNoodle: Our New Video Player!

GoNoodle's New Video Player

We know that having a video play, reliably, with little-to-no buffering is the most important thing we can do to make GoNoodle a useful resource. Especially in the classroom, every second counts!

And while we can’t show up to every school and optimize your Internet speed (we wish we could!), we have been making efforts to ensure our technology does the best possible job of giving you a great experience, even on slow connections.

For the past few months, we’ve been working on switching the video player in GoNoodle (used by everything except the YouTube videos in GoNoodle). We’re moving to a new service that will give you faster load times, less buffering, and hopefully easier GoNoodling!

If you’ve been lucky enough to have fast, reliable internet year-round, you may see no change. But for those of you on slower Internet connections, our testing shows that our new video player will make GoNoodle faster, easier, and more reliable than ever.

What should you experience with the new player?

  • Quicker loading. The new video player is designed to provide the fastest immediate loading and playback possible. We think you’ll be impressed with how quickly the video begins playing!
  • Less buffering. While your GoNoodle video is loading and playing, the new player constantly tests your Internet speed and adjusts the video quality you see. You’ll see the best possible quality for your Internet speed with less buffering. If your Internet speeds up or slows down, the quality of your video changes, instead of pausing to buffer (winning!).

Having Trouble?

If your school or district IT is particularly strict about the websites and services it allows, you may need to ask your IT to whitelist Brightcove, our integrated video streaming service. If Brightcove is blocked in your school or district, videos won’t play until the Brightcove service is allowed. Learn more here.

Not blocked, but still having trouble? Email us at — we’re glad to help.

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