New: The Explore Page!


We know how easy it is to fall into a routine with your kids, playing the same GoNoodle activities over and over. Perhaps you’ve played Pop See Ko for the millionth time, and you’re ready for something new? We’re excited to introduce a new view that helps you quickly expand your horizons: the Explore page!

The Explore page highlights new and relevant GoNoodle activities. While you may already have your Favorites saved for quick access (you do use the My Favorites feature, right?), the Explore page is designed to inspire you when you need it.

At the top of the Explore page, you’ll always find the 3 newest activities in GoNoodle. Scroll down the page to find other recommended categories and content. We’ll update the Explore page regularly so that there’s always something new to discover. Look for promoted content that aligns with the time of year, too.

You can access the Explore page by clicking the Play button from your Champ view, or by clicking Explore on the top navigation bar. And if you’re not in the mood for exploration, no worries — just click Channels or Categories to browse the library in other ways.

We have a number of navigation improvements coming over the summer, so stay tuned!

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