GoNoodle Plus Spotlight: Freeze It

Freeze It

What do you get when you combine flash cards with a dance party? Freeze It! Students dance to the music until it’s time to freeze, and then a question pops up for them to answer. The correct answer is revealed, and then it’s back to dancing! The questions are broken into categories based on grade level and academic concept, or you can import your own questions using the My Questions tool.


“We use Freeze It many times throughout the week – during our morning meetings with the emotions category, during reading (using our decoding strategy for each word that pops up) and during math and science, using our own custom questions.

It works for us because my kids LOVE to dance.” -Kelli O.

Freeze It Categories
Freeze It has 13 built-in categories, covering a mega-wide variety of subjects. Each category serves questions based on grade, so all the information will be relevant to your students.

categories 2

13 Categories:
Emotions, Colors, Geography, Letters, Reading, Time, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Mixed Numbers, Improper Fractions, “Go, Slow, Whoa Foods.”

In addition to the built-in categories and questions, you can play Freeze It with custom question sets using My Questions. Any subject, any questions, anytime you want!

My Questions 2

If your students love the dance-and-freeze game experience, try adding your own questions to make review fun, active, and memorable!

Ideas for When to Play

  • Drill (and dance!) math facts

  • Energize your students before a lesson

  • Review content at the end of the week

“Freeze It works for all kids because the moves are unique to each kid and everyone can move however they’d like!”

Thanks to GoNoodle Ambassador Kelli Orcutt for contributing to this post! Kelli teaches 1st grade in Phoenix, AZ. 

About GoNoodle Plus
A premium subscription to GoNoodle Plus gives classrooms access to more videos and games, many of which integrate movement into core-subject learning. Activities like Freeze It make introducing and reviewing new academic concepts a kinesthetic experience, engaging a wide-variety of learning styles. Try GoNoodle Plus with a 30-day free trial.

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