Spread the GoNoodle Love

If you’d like to share GoNoodle at a professional development session or back-to-school night, we have tools to help. Download below!  If you’re presenting GoNoodle at a large event (district level, conferences, Edcamps) and would like to request swag materials, submit this form!  Someone from our team will be in touch if we’re able to sponsor your event.  You can also email events@gonoodle.com to get support from a GoNoodle team member!

Info Sheet with ways to use GoNoodle, available in color or black and white

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 12.38.03 PM

Presentation Slides, available as a PDF


Share GoNoodle at a staff meeting with these handy slides! Click to download the PowerPoint or Keynote presentation! 

Info Sheet with ways to use GoNoodle at home, GoNoodle at home – One pager

GoNoodle at home - one pager

GoNoodle Art Pack, (Updated July 2018) available as a zip file
Or, do your own thing with images of Champs, GoNoodle patterns, and more.


    • JenSchimpf yes! coming soon 🙂 Check back in the GoNoodle Community, we’ll announce there when it’s posted.

    • The application for ambassadors is currently closed, but will be opening back up later this year! We will post the application in the GoNoodle Community Facebook group so make sure you’ve joined so you’ll know 🙂 Thanks for your interest!

  • Hi,
    I remember that I got an email that asked if it would be useful to have a birthday certificate for students to hand out on their birthdays. I always celebrate birthdays in my class with KooKoo Kangaroo. Do you have a birthday certificate that I can print out to use after singing in class?

    • Hi Maria! Great question — we did send out an email polling teachers about this idea, but we never ended up creating it. It’s still a great idea, and I’ll pass it along to the team that you asked about it!