Using GoNoodle to Improve Self-regulation, Language, and More!

Sarah Plum

“Hi there, GoNoodlers! My name is Sarah, and not only am I a teacher-mom, I’m a teacher-mom of two amazing boys with special needs. William, who is 7, has autism, sensory processing disorder, developmental coordination disorder, expressive language deficits, and anxiety. Henry, who is 3, has an expressive language delay. Whew. There are a lot of acronyms in our home – and a lot of juggling to make sure each of our boys gets what they need!” -Sarah P., GoNoodle ambassador and blogger at There’s No Place Like Second Grade.

GoNoodle is one amazing (and simple!) way we meet our boys’ needs – I can’t say enough how much GoNoodle helps improve our daily quality of life. We use it to calm, to expend energy, and even to improve language! I’ve got a few recommendations based on our Expert-Level testing at home. These are definitely kid-tested and kid-approved!

If you need to improve self-regulation or take a calming break, try…

  • Any of the Empower Tools! Our favorite activity is Relieve Anxiety as that’s something that William struggles with in new situations. This channel is a must-watch for any kiddo that could use some extra encouragement!

  • The Flow Channel! Our favorite for transitioning from high-energy situations to low-energy situations is Bring it Down – I’m not ashamed to say I’ve used this on my phone when coaxing the boys back to the car after an hour at the playground!

If you need to improve coordination, try…

  • Brainercise with Mr. Catman! This is one of *my* personal favorites, as I’ve read tons of brain research as a teacher that supports crossing the midline to improve focus, etc. We use this to help support William in combating his coordination disorder – his favorite is I to the L!

  • Our favorite yoga instructor, Maximo! I can honestly say I love doing yoga alongside my kids because Maximo makes me giggle! My favorite new addition has been Maximo’s Maxarena – you might recognize it!

If you need to improve language, try…

  • Koo Koo Kanga Roo channel! Not only will these videos from my two favorite fanny-pack wearing nerds put a smile on your face, they’ll help improve receptive language skills and encourage call-and-response (try Pop See Ko!) which is huge for kids like my Henry, who often struggle to do that!

  • Going to camp with Moose Tube! Both of my boys love singing and dancing to these chants, and have started doing them themselves – which is HUGE! Our favorite, because it’s so silly and encourages lots of practice to get faster, is The Llama Song! I’m a Happy Llama because of GoNoodle!

If you need to release excess energy, try…

  • Any of the Zumba Kid dances! The songs *are* particularly catchy, so be prepared to be humming along! I love that even if my boys can’t follow every step, they are able to enjoy the dances as a whole. Our family favorite is Clap Stomp Jump.

  • Being an Olympian with Run with Us! I love that my boys are seeing healthy role models, and they enjoy the challenge aspect of it too – their favorite activity is the 200m Sprint. This is a perfect summer to jump right into this with Rio 2016 around the corner!

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