My 3 favorite GoNoodle Plus activities!

unnamed“A moving brain is a learning brain,” I always tell my students. One of our favorite ways to achieve a moving and learning brain is through GoNoodle. Now pair that with the ability to tailor that movement, learning, and thinking to the content you are learning at that moment, and GoNoodle Plus quickly becomes the primary tool for achieving that goal! Today I’d like to share 3 of our favorite GoNoodle Plus activities in my classroom! – Becky W., GoNoodle Ambassador, First Grade Teacher, Blogger at The Class Couple 

  1. Field Trip: My students love running and darting around different obstacles to reach their field trip destination. As they are running, they reach questions to solve and answer if you choose to do so. I love how I can add my own questions so my students are applying their knowledge of what we are learning all while getting our bodies moving!
  1. Ultimate Champ Training: We all love Coach Terry during Indoor Recess, and he is back to coach our kids in movement activities. Whether it is jumping on the champoline, making marshmallow stomps, or doing the champbot, students will have tons of fun while engaging in these activities after answering questions. Teachers have a choice between built-in questions about healthy choices and friendships, or your own teacher-created, content questions.
  1. Bodyspell: With this activity, students use their bodies to spell out their spelling words. Teachers can upload their own lists, or choose from the hundreds of lists already built into the program. My kids love following along with the robot to make and spell their spelling words. I also love how the more they do this activity, the more they remember the motions for the letters. So, you could be standing in line for the bathroom, and have your kiddos quietly move and spell their words while waiting. Any fun and different ways to practice spelling words are always welcome in my book!

So, if you have GoNoodle Plus and haven’t done these activities yet, give them a try with your kids. It will be so much fun they won’t even realize they are reviewing classroom content! If you are thinking about switching to GoNoodle Plus, sign up for the free 30 day trail and enjoy exploring all of the options it has to offer!

Fun Fact: We also offer school-wide subscriptions. Email for a quote!

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