Staying Fit with GoNoodle!


“Before GoNoodle, my students were increasingly sedentary. My school had exhausted many methods to encourage activity, fitness and fight the epidemic of childhood obesity, but the pull of the TV and PlayStation screen was just too strong. As a result, my kids were inactive and out of shape. This all changed when a representative introduced us to an incredibly powerful tool, called GoNoodle.  The difference in my student’s fitness level was immediate, and another great side effect was how much more active we, the teachers became too! ” -Debbie, GoNoodle Ambassador

Did you know, the CDC states that nearly 18% of school-age children are obese? Additionally, this 18% is at increased risk to continue to be obese as an adult with all the associated health risks including diabetes and heart disease. We as teachers can fight this statistic by keeping our students moving with GoNoodle, both at school and at home.

The following videos are some of my favorite activities that I use 3-4 times every day to get my kids moving:

  1. Indoor Recess: One of my favorite GoNoodle channels.  These are great activities that move both large and small muscle systems, Power Up and Koo Koo Krazy are two of our favorites. I put Indoor Recess on when my students cannot go outside because of bad weather. They barely notice they didn’t get to go out and play! 
  2. Fresh Start Fitness:  This is a favorite of my students. They love the hip music and the fast pace beat. They are always worn out after a Fresh Start Activity. I recommend Pump It Up or Full Speed
  3. Zumba Kids: These videos are an amazing workout for my students. They love all of the Zumba videos particularly Turn Up the Bass, Cha Cha Swing and Bouje. All of us are usually drenched in sweat when we finish a Zumba video.

The benefits of incorporating GoNoodle into my classroom are endless…my students complain less about school work, they have increased stamina for our outdoor recess, they are far more alert and focused throughout the day, and to top it off, I am fitter than I was when I started teaching 21 years ago!


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