6 Tricks for Fighting Cabin Fever This Winter!  

Screen Shot 2017-01-04 at 1.52.46 PMDoes cold or rainy weather have you and your family trapped inside? Has captivity set in? Are the board games and blocks just not cutting it anymore? Do your kids have excessive energy from lack of exercise? Don’t fear Cabin Fever, fight it with these helpful teacher tricks from elementary school teacher Stephanie V.

  1.  Expel that Energy!

At school being stuck inside is also known by the dreaded name of “Indoor Recess,” the same concept applies at home. GoNoodle has saved my sanity more than once by giving my son an extended time to expel energy.  These videos vary in time from 7 to 18 minutes and contain a mix of fun, high-energy activities.  Sometimes I participate with him, sometimes I clean up while he’s dancing, and sometimes I just relax and watch!  

  1. Get Noisy!

Let’s face it, sometimes kids just need to be noisy!  I like to give my son an opportunity to get a little crazy, be loud and after all, just be a kid!  GoNoodle’s Moose Tube videos are perfect for that. A few favs:  Peanut Butter In A Cup , Go Bananas  or Hello Joe.

  1. Transition with Movement!

Going from a fun activity (like building a Lego tower) to a less-fun activity (like math homework) can be difficult for a lot of kids. Can you blame them? In the classroom we use GoNoodle to go from one thing to the next. Try it at home to minimize complaints, and add some healthy movement to the day! Kitty High Five is a quick, one-minute transition video.

  1. Bond with Siblings or Friends!

When “go play outside” isn’t an option, GoNoodle is an excellent alternative for play. Dance parties with GoNoodle’s trio, Blazer Fresh are great for group participation, forming friendships and confidence building!

  1. Work that Brain!

Following movements that cross the midline (an imaginary line down the center of the body) helps both sides of the brain work together and improve motor skills.  Try it with videos like What’s the Point and Straddle Scissor Together.

  1. Calm Down!

I’m pretty picky about nap and bedtime at my house.  My son often needs to wind down before being ready to sleep.  Luckily, GoNoodle offers several different channels that help the brain relax and calm down before sleeping.  I use Flow, Empower Tools, Maximo, and Think About It with my son and before I know it, he’s getting comfortable! To easily find these videos, click the ‘stretching’ or ‘calming’ categories.  

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