5 Ways to Cure Cabin Fever

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As February is in full swing, Cabin Fever is sure to be setting in. Whether you can’t leave the house due to cold and snow or you’re stuck inside due to other reasons, you are probably dreaming of those warm spring days where you can get outside and enjoy nature again. While we await spring, here are 5 GoNoodle videos that are sure cure to Cabin Fever.

1. Road Trippin USA

We couldn’t have a countdown to spring without a Blazer Fresh video. This song will get you moving, cruising around the USA, and learning about the states. One of the many reasons I love Blazer Fresh is because it is not only fun, but super educational as well. Road Trippin USA is sure to get your mind out of the house and onto some other state, hopefully a warm one! 

2. 400M Hurdles

Let’s be honest, this applies to all the Go with the Pro videos. Before you begin, an athlete warms you up and gives you tips for a successful race. Then comes the race! The race is so fun! Parents this is perfect for you to help your child. You are able to toggle between first, second, third, and fourth place. If you notice your child isn’t running fast enough, have them lose a place. Are they running really hard and getting all the cabin fever energy out? Move them up a place! It also has a gaming feel to it so it’s perfect to get your kids up, moving, and getting their wiggles out.

3. Roller Coaster

One of the things that I love about the spring and summer is that the amusement parks are open! While you’re indoors and the parks are closed, Roller Coaster helps get your Roller Coaster Fix. The men of Koo Koo Kangaroo keep kids laughing and entertained as they go on a Roller Coaster unlike any other. And good news! This one doesn’t have a height requirement.

4. Fight Song

One of the newest Kidz Bop videos is Fight Song. Besides being fun, the moves are simple enough for your smallest child, but entertaining enough for your oldest child. The kids love the song and the moves make you forget you are stuck inside. 

5. Airtime Space

This last one is out of this world! When the Cabin Fever makes your kids crazy and they refuse to settle down for a nap, Airtime Space is the perfect solution. This video allows the kids to focus on their breathing, calms them down and gets them ready for a nap, or a quiet activity.

Cabin Fever is pesky and hard to get rid of but with these 5 videos, your Cabin Fever is guaranteed to be cured.  Do you have a favorite video to cure Cabin Fever? We’d love to hear them!

Emmy Hamilton is kindergarten teacher in Ohio. 

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