Why Kids Need to Move BEFORE Testing

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Does physical activity before testing help kids? ABSOLUTELY! In fact, while it is recommended that kids get at least one hour of physical activity a day for the health benefits, did you also know physical activity also helps stimulate the brain, improve retention and focus?! It’s true… an active body = an active mind! 

Conversely, when students do not get enough physical activity or move throughout the day, they become very restless, sluggish and have low energy.  They’re not only fidgety and off task, their test performance drops drastically, and they even have a harder time remembering and retaining class discussions.

I know what you’re thinking… “I have so many academic demands that it’s difficult to squeeze physical activity into the classroom!” Don’t fret! Getting moving before testing is easier than it sounds! There are so many ways to squeeze in physical activity before testing (or school performance in general).  Those traditional methods include recess, a walk, run, bike ride, yoga, swimming, dancing, etc. But, if your students don’t have time for physical activity prior to school, GoNoodle is an awesome resource to get moving before testing. In fact, when my students have gym class, and/or we do GoNoodle – I see a HUGE difference. Students become energized, focused, ready to learn and test scores improve dramatically!

GoNoodle videos are key in my classroom because they provide movement breaks that get kids up and moving. There are all sorts of different videos with dances, songs, etc. and some simulate running, jumping and some are calming breathing exercises. The dances and songs are really fun, engaging and catchy. It can be used at school, home or anywhere with the GoNoodle app. There are also videos and games with GoNoodle Plus, with a focus on math, spelling, vocabulary, etc. With GoNoodle Plus, one is able to combine academics with movement. I love it because you can add your own questions – so not only are kids moving but also they are reviewing what they learned and know, prior to testing.

Here are my favorite GoNoodle videos to use on Testing Day:

  • Milkshake
    • Use to wake your students brains up before testing!
  • Melting
    • Use as a calming video to relax students before testing!
  • Think On Your Feet (GoNoodle Plus Exclusive) 
    • Movement-based trivia game show
    • Review any subject and material 
    • Customizable
  • Freeze It! (GoNoodle Plus Exclusive)
    • Freeze dance and flash cards
    • Review any subject and material
    • Customizable 
    • Quick for quick review

Kristin is a third grade teacher in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and big believer in the power of movement! 

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