A Multi Sensory Approach to Test Prep


Test prep has come a long way since I was in school. Back then, test preparation consisted of studying for hours, answering review questions at the end of the chapters, and making endless study guides and sheets to cram. These days, GoNoodle Plus not only facilitates test preparation, it helps my students ease their anxiety, and encourages movement… which is why it is a must in my classroom!

Here are 7 ways GoNoodle has transformed preparation for testing…

1.  It’s Active: Kids need to move and many actually learn better when they are moving. I adore that GoNoodle Plus is an active test prep program! The kids are jumping, swaying, running in place and much more, which not only gets those wiggles out, but also allows them to concentrate on the skills being reviewed!

2. It’s Interactive: In order to advance in the program, kids must answer questions about the content that they will be tested on. For example, in Field Trip, your students must move while simultaneously answering questions to complete their field trip, otherwise the will not make it to their destination.

3. It’s Relevant: With its customization capability you can create your own questions on your content. Questions can be created for anything that you need to review and BONUS… there is also no limit on the number of questions you create.

4. You Can Differentiate: GoNoodle Plus is not one size fits all. It provides teachers the ability to differentiate test prep based on each child’s individual needs. It’s so convenient that you can vary the difficulty levels of questions depending on the skill level of the child.

5. It’s Paper Free: Kids no longer need to keep track of excess papers and parents and teachers no longer need to worry about misplacing them or spilling the morning’s coffee all over. We are also saving the trees!

6. It’s Manageable: This is an easy way to prepare for a test….it is not extra work! Just sign into GoNoodle, go to the menu in the top left corner, click on “My Questions,” click “New Set” and you’re on your way to creating your test review questions! When you’re finished, go to GoNoodle Plus and choose an activity that has “My Questions” written on it. Now it’s time to review away!

7. It’s Fun: Suddenly, reviewing for tests is FUN for kids! In my experience, kids want to learn and they want to review when you incorporate GoNoodle Plus into their test prep! Additionally, I’ve noticed an improvement in test results since incorporating GoNoodle Plus.

GoNoodle Plus is truly an effective way to get your kids ready for any test throughout the year! Today’s children need a Multi-Sensory approach to learning and should have the same approach to test prep…thanks to GoNoodle Plus they do!

To receive a quote for a group of 6 or more teachers (including entire schools and districts), email Mary Corder at marycorder@gonoodle.com Looking for GoNoodle Plus for your own classroom or for a smaller group? Click here.

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