Airtime, Airtime Space, & Ultimate Champ Training

As GoNoodle enters our 5th school year since launch, we’re proud to continue to offer a very robust free version of GoNoodle, with over 300 free movement and mindfulness videos (and growing!). Since 2013, we’ve made this possible in part thanks to the funding we receive from our premium option, GoNoodle Plus.  

Last school year, we heard from GoNoodle Plus users that the product could be better, and we committed to improvements for the 2017/2018 school year. We’ve been hard at work on making GoNoodle Plus an even better resource for combining academics and movement. Additionally, we’re aiming to better clarify the difference between GoNoodle and GoNoodle Plus, as we’ve heard that the difference has been unclear.

A key difference is that GoNoodle Plus includes our dynamic interactive learning games. Because Airtime, Airtime:Space, and Ultimate Champ Training are all interactive learning games (but the only ones in the free version of GoNoodle), it became necessary to move them into Plus so that we could be clear in our message and in how the site is organized.

We know that losing free access to something you love is frustrating. To lessen the impact of this change, there are a few things we’ve done or are doing:

  • First, we’re not moving ANY other content from free to Plus.
  • Second, we’re continuing to add free and Plus-only content each month, just as we have done for the past two school years.
  • Third, inside the new Champiverse channel, free users will find six “remix” videos of the Coach Terry-led exercises from Ultimate Champ Training.
  • Fourth, we’re working on continued development of free mindfulness and breathing videos, in addition to the dozens already found in the GoNoodle library. You can find all the breathing videos in the “Breathe” category.   
  • Lastly, We created a new 30-day trial system for GoNoodle Plus that allows teachers to turn on 30 days of Plus access for free, with no credit card required and no obligation to purchase at the end of the trial.

While we’d love to offer EVERYTHING in GoNoodle for free, we have a hardworking team to provide for and costs to cover. GoNoodle Plus is a key part of ensuring that GoNoodle is a resource we can offer for free, indefinitely. And while we’d never seek to intentionally frustrate the amazing userbase we love, this is a case where a tough trade-off was necessary in order to make sure our business was clear.

We know how much teachers already pay for out of pocket, so we have a couple different ways GoNoodle Plus can be funded: community sponsors, district or school purchases, grants, and individual classroom subscriptions.  If you have any questions, email; we’d love to help.

Thanks so much for your understanding and continued support. We’re honored to be part of your classroom.

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