Using GoNoodle in your Literacy Rich Classroom

alphagroove 2

Literacy—the ability to read and write—is tied to everything we do. Teachers across the world spend countless hours during the school year teaching students to read and write. As a first grade teacher myself, I am always looking for ways to make literacy more engaging and hands-on. Enter, GoNoodle!

GoNoodle and GoNoodle Plus both have many videos that focus on literacy skills.  Here are my top five:

  1. Bodyspell: Use this Plus video to practice classmates’ names, spelling words, sight words, and more!
  2. Word Jam: Learn vocabulary words while moving and exercising to this video on GoNoodle Plus!
  3. Don’t Read Like a Robot: This Blazer Fresh video is so catchy and teaches students to read with expression!
  4. Alpha Groove: This NEW video on Plus is a great way to teach or review the letters of the alphabet!
  5. Clap it Out: This video on the Blazer Fresh channel teaches students to “clap it out” to find the number of syllables in a word!

Looking for more literacy-rich videos? Check out the ELA and Reading Practice categories on GoNoodle!

Amanda Haskell is a 1st/2nd grade looping teacher in Dolgeville, New York. Follow along with Amanda’s classroom adventures on Twitter, @mrshaskell213!

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