Be YOU with Blue from the Indianapolis Colts!


Hi GoNoodlers, Blue here from the Indianapolis Colts! Being YOU isn’t always easy—take it from me, a blue horse. But if being different has taught me anything about life it’s this: being you is the best way to be!

I’m teaming up with GoNoodle to suggest three active videos that can help you be YOU: kind, courageous, silly, strong, or whatever makes you YOU!

  1. Fight Song: Would you believe that after all this time, I still get nervous before I go on the field for a big game? I do! This video helps me let loose, feel strong, and get pumped for the game!
  2. Rock Out: Each day is full of opportunities to stand strong as your awesome self. Whenever you tackle a hard lesson at school, difficult situation, or stressful moment, that’s an occasion to Rock Out!
  3. Go Bananas: One of the most important parts of being YOU is feeling free to be silly every now and then. This video is the perfect opportunity to let your mane down and GO BANANAS!

P.S. Local Indiana teachers, check out “Clap Your Hands with Blue”an exclusive video on GoNoodle until June 8th, 2018.

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