TEACHER TIPS: 5 GoNoodle Hacks

  1. Kick off your lesson with a GoNoodle Hook! Interest piqued + wiggles out = WINNING!
  2. Access class-routine videos FASTER! Bookmark direct links to videos you play most often so you can navigate there in no time.
  3. Daily agenda with links! Make a GoNoodle plan for the day with direct links to specific videos or channels. Here’s a sample agenda.
  4. Bookmark your Favorites Page! That way your class will only see the videos you want them to.
  5. Keep things fresh with Categories! Don’t get stuck in a GoNoodle rut. Find new videos by subject, movement type, and MORE.

Make Your Classroom More Efficient

Enjoy these 5 free GoNoodle hacks to make you classroom more efficient, more productive, and fun! Pictured in the video, Rachel Ricker is GoNoodling from Richmond, CA.

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