5 Guilt Free Ways To Keep Your Kids Busy At Home


“As a live-in nanny, I’ve been able to spot the exact moment when a parent needs their child to be happily engaged in a healthy activity. And in my experience, this is not a singular event during the day. I once heard a parent use the term “micro-vacations” for when he or she manages to have a moment to themselves… a parenting victory! Lucky for parents, GoNoodle gives children a healthy and fun way to get moving and provide parents the chance to squeeze in a guilt-free micro-vacation… or even a chance to join in the fun!” – Shelby C.

Early Morning Yoga: It’s early in the morning, you are trying to brush your teeth and get out the door and need your kids to be occupied: try Maximo! He will get your kid(s) practicing balance and growing core muscles while you are able to get ready. Added bonus, being able to sit up straight naturally helps the brain be more alert and thus makes learning easier! I recommend the video Tight Rope!

GoNoodle On-the-go: You finally make it out the door, grab everyone’s lunches and manage to buckle the kids into their car seats! What’s next? Hand them an ipad or iphone with the GoNoodle Kids App and you’ll be able to prepare for the road and another added bonus, you won’t be bothered with an, “are we there yet?” during the ride. Win, Win!

During Dinner Prep: You are in the kitchen putting together dinner and your child is either tired in the afternoon lull or bouncing all over: try the Awesome Sauce channel. There are a lot of attention-getting songs great for younger kids. I recommend the classic Run Like the Kitty. For older kids try the Fresh Start channel that feels a bit more like a grown-up workout (without being too serious).

Calm Before Bedtime: Do your kids get a surge of energy just before bed? Flow, Think About It, and Empower Tools are 3 outstanding channels that help calm kids down, help them self reflect and and bring a sense of peace to the end of the day! This daily dose of Mindfulness is critical for kids because it helps them self regulate, be in touch with their emotions and helps them practice being present. Begin to build these traits into your children by making the time a priority at night!

Rainy Day Wiggles: Does bad weather have you stuck inside? MooseTube’s Go Bananas can get the whole family laughing and burning off spare energy.

How do you use GoNoodle at home? We’d love to hear!

Shelby is an elementary teacher with experience in kindergarten, first, second, third, and fourth grade. 


  • Wow, thanks soooo much. As a busy mum of two children 15 and 8, it becomes a juggling act to maintain a structured routine that helps both children deal with the everyday. Simple issue’s we as adults take for granted like spelling tests that can really impact a child’s anxiety.. My daughter and her 15 yr old brother (who has agoraphobia) both enjoy this app.(it even helps him!!!**** ) so a huge thankyou, child aniexty is brushed aside like its a faze . And “they’ll grow out of it” or “toughen up ” is only sweeping it under the carpet for another day, so to have an extra tool that’s fun, is so handy. Forever grateful.

  • We love go noodle! It’s a good “get the wiggles out” activity we use just before bed, melt down and unwind are great for that!!! Thanks so much for an awesome HEALTHY family friendly option !!!