Move over, ‘sit still’! Why kids need to move in school

Our  mission at GoNoodle is to power up the best in every kid by providing fun and engaging movement videos that can be used anywhere – school, home, and everywhere in between!  Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to speak up about the importance of movement in a CNN article, Move over, ‘sit still’!  Why kids need to move in school.

Using screens to get kids moving

Four out of five elementary schools in the United States are using videos from the education company GoNoodle to promote physical activity in the classroom, the company says.
The concept is simple: Today’s kids have grown up with screens, so GoNoodle tries to use entertaining videos, often about two minutes in length, that will get kids to move around and then either get back to their schoolwork or go off and play with friends.

KC Estenson is the chief executive officer of GoNoodle, a for-profit company that makes money through relationships with partners who believe in the company’s mission. (The videos are free for schools and parents, although teachers can pay for GoNoodle Plus, which for $10 a month gives them access to additional videos, games and classroom resources.)

Estenson — who is the former head of CNN Digital — is a father of three who, like most parents, has struggled with how much time his kids, ages 8, 12 and 14, spend on screens during the day.
“GoNoodle gets kids to move. It gets them to be active,” Estenson said. “The entire purpose of this is a whole new interaction form with the screen, which is active engagement versus passive engagement, and most television and most of what’s happening with the technology now of all ages is passive, binge viewing, hours spent just watching the screen and doing nothing else.”

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