Parent Talk: How We Plan to Dance the Summer Away

How We Plan to Dance the Summer Away

It can be hard fought keeping my kids from the dreaded summer couch potato-ism that happens. There are times when mommy needs a major break, so I know that I need something to keep all of them occupied for a few minutes.  And with kids between the ages of 3-14, there is never going to be one activity that they all agree on.

One thing that my kids do have in common however, is their love of dance. This means we are going to spend lots of time this summer listening to music and shaking it out, in between different activities that we already do throughout the day. However, finding the right platform that we can all enjoy, and that I am comfortable with as a parent hasn’t been easy.

We love using GoNoodle to get our kids up and dancing, and it’s also a great way for them to wind down before nap and bedtime as well. GoNoodle is a free app, with yoga videos, dance-alongs, and other activities to get your kids moving.

It allows us to turn traditional screen-time into something that is actually productive for my kids. This means that I feel comfortable knowing that every activity from yoga to dance provides an opportunity for my kids to engage their minds and be their best selves. Plus, all of the content is Y-7 (another major plus for me as a mom).

My kids are used to GoNoodling at school, so it’s an extra special treat for them now that they can use it at home as well! In the words of my ten year old son, this means more “Blazer Fresh and awesome dance moves!” It’s a teacher-trusted platform, and it can be used anywhere or anytime you are on the go

Even better, this summer starting June 18, GoNoodle GoSummer will feature live content at 11 am and 7 pm Eastern time daily, including singing, dancing, giveaways and more. And with their throwback videos for songs like “Can’t Touch This” you might even get off the couch and dance, too.

How do you plan on getting your kids to move this summer? Has your family given GoNoodle a try? Share with me in the comments below!


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