Parent Talk: Create a Summer Routine Your Whole Family Will Love

Let’s be honest, summer break is tough. If your home is anything like mine, the energy is high, the days are long, and the nights are way too short.

Here are a few tips and activities to help establish a summer routine that keeps everyone happy, engaged, and active!

Morning Sunshine!

It’s easy to slip into the habit of letting the kids sleep ‘til noon during the summer (guilty!) but make a point to start your day with presence and intention as often as possible.

  • Check-in with how you feel and teach your littles how to take on the day. Set a goal for the day and determine what needs to be accomplished to hit it.
  • Move together Wake up alert and energized with a family yoga session! GoNoodle has new Mixes that combine mindfulness, exercise and dancing as an invigorating tool to jumpstart your day.
  • Eat something yummy! After you dance up an appetite- celebrate the new day with something tasty! Cook breakfast together as a family and remember, cleaning up is a team sport, too!



Afternoon Energizer

Beat the afternoon slump with activities that’ll inspire your kids to be healthy and creative!

  • Get outside and enjoy some fresh air! Download the GoNoodle app so your fam can move in the car, at the beach, or in line at the grocery store.

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Nighty Night

Wind down after a long day and get ready to do it all over again!

  • Read a book together! Set a goal to read a certain number of books at the start of the summer and see if you can reach (or surpass) it. Just remember, never judge a book by its movie!

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How do you survive summer break? What activities do you use to keep your littles active and learning while having fun? Whatever you have planned for the summer, I hope you find creating a routine helpful!

Sitaara Jones is a Community Manager at GoNoodle by day, former 3rd grade teacher, and a super mom by night! She enjoys GoNoodling with her family in Chicago and her favorite GoNoodle channel is NTV: Noodle Television.

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  • What an excellent think outside of the box article to motivate family time together during long summer days. It not only suggests and encourages planning your days ahead but reinforcing and fulfilling “actions” for increased movement as well. I’m sure that babies, youngsters, and adults will appreciate the tips given here.