Parent Talk: Kid (& budget!) approved summer fun!


In a world filled with experiential excursions that can be quite costly, it’s important to
remember that being active and having fun is free! Quality time doesn’t have to be complicated
or costly. Focusing on activity and movement is not only good for physical health, but
emotional as well. The best part? Movement and fun can happen almost anywhere!

Here are some simple and fun summer ideas you can do with the kids in your world, no large
budget required!

Water balloon fun Water and summer go together like watermelon and the fourth of July. A
good ole’ fashioned water balloon night is loads of fun, cooling and cost effective. Most local $1
stores have balloons so all you need to do is supply the water and the fun. You can of course go
sans balloon and opt for some sprinkler / water hose fun instead.
Friday night dance party No disco ball required. At GoNoodle we’re all about shaking it up,
from the new throwback mixes to our original beats. A dance off is a great way to move
together while showing your kids why the 90’s were alllll that and full of great tunes. They for
sure need to appreciate why you love “Bye, Bye, Bye” along with all of your fresh dance moves.

Local watering hole Local cities and municipalities from coast to coast have
done a fantastic job creating outdoor spaces for locals to enjoy. Many of the parks include
splash and play water features or splash pads. Nothing says a fun summer night like dodging
water spouts with friends! It’s a great way to cool off and spend some time with members of
your community. And best of all it’s FREE!
Eye Spy Once upon a time there was a land without devices. It was a magical world full of
imagination and self-entertainment and it was fun! Even though there’s great love and
appreciation for the joys of today’s technology, there’s something amazingly fun about using
the mind and getting creative with the ones you love minus the technology. Take a
neighborhood walk while challenging each other to see what you see, where you see it.
Whatever you choose to do, however you get the kids in your world moving, remember it’s
about spending time together and encouraging positive movement and focus. Working out
summer energy while making memories. Go Summer!

Photos courtesy of Larisha Campbell of We’re Parents! Larisha is one part of the unique mom and dad blogging team from New Jersey and mom to two beautiful daughters, ages 5 and 2.5. 

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