3 GoNoodle Videos to Foster Classroom Community


Dr. Becky Bailey, expert in developmental psychology says, “All learning begins with connection.” Perhaps there’s nothing more important in the first days and weeks of a new school year than helping students feel connected to you and each other. This is the foundation of classroom community, and GoNoodle can be a powerful connecting tool in those early days!

Partner Up

Videos like Fist and Flat from Mr. Catman have students partner up to complete an activity together. What a great way to make friends with someone new! If you have a student who is especially nervous or shy, try being their partner for the first few videos to build trust and confidence. See all of GoNoodle’s Partner Up videos!

Laugh Together

Laughter is the best medicine… for first-day jitters, for forging friendship, and for creating a learning environment full of connection! Moose Tube’s version of the call and repeat favorite “Boom Chicka Boom” is just what the doctor (or teacher) ordered. Sing and dance along with Moose Tube then try your own versions as students make up their own verses! 

Plus Exclusive: Bodyspell

Of course, the first step to connection is learning names! Bodyspell turns this task into an active, community building experience. Enter student names into the game, then play using your custom list. When a student’s name appears on the screen, it’s his or her time to shine while the whole class uses their bodies to spell out the letters. Try it with GoNoodle Plus, free for 30 days or email schoolsales@gonoodle.com for more information.