How to Introduce GoNoodle during Back-to-School Night



It’s that time of year again… back-to-school night! This is your first opportunity to show families how much you care about students, how much you love teaching, and how truly wonderful, engaging, and fun your classroom really is. There’s so much information to cover, but just like on busy school days, take a couple of minutes to let loose, laugh a little, and introduce GoNoodle! Here’s how.

Move Together
The best way to introduce families to GoNoodle is to, well… GoNoodle! Load your favorite video onto your interactive whiteboard and invite everyone to get up and dance (including you!). Not only will this give parents a taste of GoNoodle, it will speak volumes about the awesome, energetic environment their kids will experience in your room this year!

Great first-impression videos:

Share the Research
Now that everyone’s minds are alert, blow them away by sharing why movement is such an important tool for learning.

“How does exercise improve learning? Engaging in physical activity increases blood flow and oxygenation in the brain, boosting neural connectivity and stimulating nerve cell growth in the hippocampus, the center of learning and memory. So exercise actually changes the structure of our brains, with a number of benefits: improved attention and memory, increased brain activity and cognitive function, and enhanced mood and ability to cope with stress.” -Edutopia


Go the extra mile: have parents color the GoNoodling Brain activity as a powerful visual, or simply include it in parent folders to take home.



GoNoodle at Home


The benefits of movement don’t stop in the classroom. Kids can use GoNoodle at home to be active, relieve anxiety, and help with transitions like homework and bedtime. Encourage parents to download the free GoNoodle Family app, available on the web, iOS, Android, and Apple TV. Download an invite letter to include in your parent folders (also available in Spanish).






gn_2359_pinterest-images-v1-how-to-introduce-gonoodle-during-parent-nightGoNoodle gets over 14 million kids moving in classrooms and homes around the world! Short movement and mindfulness videos boost productivity, improve behavior, and build community for kids. GoNoodle videos are available for free at and in our iOS and Google Play apps. Create a free account to get started!