Introducing GoNoodle Everyday

Get your students pumped for the week with the the brand new GoNoodle video. This video is new in GoNoodle on August 13, 2018. Sing and dance along while you learn all about the dapper rappers of Blazer Fresh to the new hit "We Are Blazer Fresh"! #MegaNewMonday #GoNoodleEveryday

The benefits of integrating movement and mindfulness into the school day are endless: improve academic performance, focus, and retention, reduce behavioral issues in the classroom, build classroom community, and so much more. But making time for movement, figuring out strategic ways to make it a part of your classroom routine, or even simply remembering to move isn’t always a top priority with so many other things to think about. 

To make planning a little easier, we’re pumped to introduce GoNoodle Everyday which offers daily recommended GoNoodle videos through themed days that are relevant, useful, and fun for you and your students. Here’s a look at each day’s theme!

  • Mega NEW Monday: Get your students pumped for the week with the brand new GoNoodle video. From Blazer Fresh to Flow to Moose Tube, there’s something new to love every week.
  • Tranquil Tuesday: Ground your class at the start of the day, in between activities, or after lunch and recess with mindfulness videos that boost confidence, enhance focus, build compassion, manage stress and help kids practice self-control. What more could you ask for from a Tuesday?
  • Wise Wednesday: Enhance  your curriculum with songs and dances that will super stimulate your students’ bodies and brains. Introduce, review and practice concepts as your students move and groove with math, science, ELA, and more!
  • Throwback Thursday: Let loose and have some much needed fun with your class as you party like it’s 1999, or 1985, or even 2003 with totally rad retro songs from NTV (Noodle Television), line dances from Maximo, and oldies but greaties from the Champiverse channel.
  • Fab Friday: Kick off the weekend with videos that make your class feel fantastically fabulous. From Purple Stew to the Peppy Puppy Dance, we’ll highlight your class’ favs on Fridays.

Each weekday when you login to GoNoodle, you’ll see the recommended GoNoodle video of the day at the very top of the Discover page. You can use the video that day or hit the heart icon to save it to your favorites and use it another time when it would serve you better. And  every Sunday, we will email you the GoNoodle Everyday weekly schedule, so you can preview each video and prep for the week ahead. For more helpful tips about GoNoodle Everyday, snag this printable how-to.

Get ready to GoNoodle… EVERYDAY!


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