Your Back-to-School Checklist!


Welcome back, GoNoodlers! As you setup your classrooms, organize your books, dust off your work computer, and gather school supplies, don’t forget about your GoNoodle account. Walking through this simple checklist will ensure you’re ready to stretch, breathe, and dance on the first day of school!

✅What’s My Password?
If you need a refresh, just enter the email associated with your account and we’ll send you simple instructions to reset it.

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Create a New Class!
By starting over with a new class, your students will start fresh with unplayed Champs, get to see their progress of minutes spent GoNoodling, and even create a name together (a great thing to do on the first day of school)!

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Organize Your Favorites!

Your new class will soon have their own favs, but get a jump start by adding yours, especially those you want to play on the first day of school. Protip: Bookmark your favorites page ( to navigate there super fast during the school day.

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New School?

If you switched schools this year, head to your account settings to update it. Click on your sidebar then click → Account Settings → My Profile → Change School.

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