Four Ways to Move and Empower Every Kid

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There’s nothing like a GoNoodle dance party, but GoNoodle’s wide array of movement videos gets all kids up and moving, appealing to their different tastes, interests, and abilities, and targeting their brains and bodies in a variety of ways. Check out below how, when, and why you should mix things up with the many different kinds of movement GoNoodle has to offer. And don’t forget to use the “Categories Page” to help you find exactly what you are looking for!


Want to get those non-dancers moving? Try some hard core cardio workouts or make some silly poses and movements with these heart-pumping videos that will get everyone breaking a sweat while having a blast!


Cross-lateral movements require moving a body apart across an invisible line down the middle of the body. These movements cause both sides of the brain to communicate and actually boost concentration. It’s a powerful neurological exercise, and to your students it just feels like fun!


These partner activities can boost community and cooperation in your classroom, and encourage everyone to participate, including non-dancers and students who feel too shy or cool. Try matching students with new friends, and don’t forget to find a partner yourself!


Moose Tube’s summer camp inspired songs and chants with easy-to-follow movements appeal to kids of all ages and tastes. Plus, the songs’ call and repeat nature make them perfect for some quick fun and movement to do throughout the day, even when you’re not officially GoNoodling!